CARLTON: Lotus Lounge Interview center and Cocktails Party’s

The Lotus Lounge interview center is one of the most quiet and serene spaces in Cannes Festival, attracting journalists from all around the world.

A reception area welcomes journalists awaiting for interviews in a comfortable environment .   The interview center offers adjustable spaces. It can be used for the purpose of entertaining clients and members in a comfortable and convivial setting as well as provide partners with a premier gifting and product placement venue

The Lotus Lounge is brought to you by Passions Productions in partnership with B-4 Events. Located in the grand salons of Cannes landmark, Carlton Hotel (rez-de-chausse´e), The Lotus lounge opens from 9 AM to 3 AM daily. Amenities include WIFI access, plasma screen for screening teasers, trailers or commercials, a full service media lounge, a full open-bar, lounge music/ambiance, piano-bar at night, and a rooftop terrace.   With easy access from the Croisette through the Carlton’s lobby, The Lotus Lounge also offers a much coveted Private Entrance from Rue du Canada.


Clients, partners and members enjoy full access to The Lotus Lounge as well as our partner beach for meetings, lunch, dinner, cocktails and events. They are free to use the Lounge’s address and phone number during the festival.   The Lotus Lounge also offers clients and partners tailored sponsorship opportunities.  Additional services further available to all our clients, partners and members include event planning at The Lotus Lounge (up to 500 guests) or at our partner beach with preferential pricing, along with concierge and car services.

Marilyn: Intimate Exposures,  The photos exhibited at The Lotus Lounge (Carlton)

Marylin by Susan Bernard is a lavishly illustrated volume celebrating Marilyn’s enduring beauty through photographs by the legendary Bernard of Hollywood.

Carlton Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival will include images from when Mr. Bernard first discovered Norma Jean in 1946, to his famous photo of her in 1954 standing over the subway grate in her billowing white skirt…


Pascale Fortunat –  Mobile:

+33(0) 6 11 42 67 54

Lotus Lounge Media Contact


Ms. Brigitte Portier

T +32 477 98 25 84



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